My Vision for This Website

Why am I creating this website? Here's your answer.

While working on creating this website, I realized I had not taken the time to write down why I am making it. I have several reasons, but most of them fall into three categories. They are:

1. To create a space for people to see my work.


To apply to jobs

A portfolio website is especially helpful when applying for jobs. The type of companies I enjoy working for typically require examples of previous work. Currently none of the projects I have worked on are visible to the public. This means I do not have an easy way to showcase my abilities to potential employers. Having a portfolio website will solve this problem.

To teach

Having a portfolio website will be helpful if I decide to move into teaching someday. My portfolio will provide evidence that what I am teaching is worthwhile. Also, detailed documentation will make it easy to translate what I have learned into new formats (video tutorials, written lessons, etc.). It will also remind me of the pain points I experienced while working on various projects so that I can focus more on those areas instead of on the points I found easy.

To create opportunities for side-hustles

Showcasing my work may lead to outside opportunities. If I showcase what I am learning, then I may be hired for side-work by people who see what I can do and who want my help.

2. Document my growth.


To measure my progress

One of my previous managers said something that stood out to me a while back. In summary, he said: you cannot know you are making positive improvements unless you measure what you are doing. Over the last few years I have thought about this a lot. The idea is simple: making the right measurements will help you determine if you are growing or stalled. As I create my portfolio, I want to make sure I answer the questions: What did I do well? What could I have done better? What will I do differently in the future? Also, I would like to find more concrete ways to measure how well I did and how I can improve.

For encouragement

I am always second-guessing my capabilities. Seeing a clear picture of what I have accomplished will encourage me to continue growing.

To solidify what I have learned

I have found that if I can clearly explain what I have learned in writing, then I really understand it. If I cannot clearly explain something in writing, then I do not really understand it. Forcing myself to document my learning will show that I understand what I have done.

3. Maintain focus.


I am easily distracted

I enjoy too many things. I need boundaries to help me accomplish the things I want to accomplish. A portfolio website will help me to focus on the things that I should focus on. I am intentionally limiting the content this site to the topic of web development. I'm doing this so that I do not branch into other areas of interest, like graphic design, photography, writing, or art. I may write articles about those other topics if they relate to web development, but the structure of my site is intentionally limited so that I do not get distracted.