Hi, I'm David.

I'm a front end web developer. I also enjoy experimenting with graphic design, photography, drawing, and writing.

Front end web developers come in a variety of flavors. These days, the flavor of choice is the React developer. If a React developer can be compared with mint chocolate chip ice cream, then I would be a plain vanilla. I have worked hard to become good at authoring accessible, semantic HTML; styling responsive CSS (and SASS); and scripting clean, easy-to-read JavaScript. While these languages seem plain and uninteresting, I have found that focusing on mastering them has put me in a position to add more flavors on top of my vanilla base.

I love learning, and I have been going through online tutorials and courses to help me grow as a developer. I recently picked up three courses by Tony Alicea, one of my favorite instructors, and have finished one on JavaScript and am halfway through one on HTML and CSS. The next course I'll be going through is on React, which will let me join the mint chocolate chip crowd.

Alongside learning about front end web development, I've also been learning about UX/UI design. My experience has shown me that good front end developers are also good designers. So, I've been reviewing design fundamentals and digging deeper into more specific areas, like typography and grid systems.